Mockzaic workshop

Space planning for Mockzaic workshop for 4 with lots of elbow room 🤩!! This was a very popular and enjoyable project that I’m bringing back to my new location at

2140 Atwood Avenue, Madison WI 53704

Starting with Monday and Wednesday evenings. 6-8ish Message me if you’d like to meet up with friends or meet new friends and I will reserve your time and place.

Framing and Mockzaic table with Mockzaic examples and frame samples in background.
Mockzaic of a sunset, with pink blue and yellow sky,  reflection in the sea and golden oak and blue aluminum frame.
Mockzaick of yellow butterfly with green background and green wooden frame frame.
Mockzaic of Irish cheer Sláinte, in green with yellow background and brown rustic wooden frame hanging in window with trees in the background.
Mockzaik of house address number 2808. Dark numbers with white background resting on green grass.